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Brilliant Things Happen in Calm Minds

Introducing the Treasure Hunt Club, a one-of-a-kind program designed to nurture students' mental and physical well-being while fostering emotion regulation skills. Each week, students will delve into a kid-friendly mindfulness treasure hunt, exploring their emotions in a playful and enriching way. From fun deep breathing techniques to energetic yoga sessions, calming story meditations, and self-awareness drawing activities, every class is designed to empower students with effective calming strategies, ensuring they thrive academically and socially.

Our Mindfulness Club afterschool or lunch program is the perfect addition to your school’s enrichment list!

1 hour class in a
classroom or gym

How It Works

Mindfulness Treasure Hunt Workbook for each student

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Take home challenges for the entire family!

Life long mindfulness skills for wellbeing

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