Our approach to teaching is rooted in our passion for inspiring young minds and promoting holistic development. We believe in creating a nurturing and empowering learning environment where every student can thrive.

4 programs

Mindful Movement Enrichment (JK - Grade 12)

Our program offers a dynamic and transformative experience for students, combining movement, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning.

Students engage in a variety of physical activities and exercises that promote strength, coordination, and overall well-being. Through guided movement sequences, yoga poses, and playful exercises, students develop their physical skills while also enhancing body awareness and flexibility.

Mindfulness practices are seamlessly integrated into the program, allowing students to cultivate a deeper connection with their thoughts, emotions, and sensations. They learn breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness-based activities that promote focus, self-regulation, and emotional resilience.

Maximum 60 students per group

Facilitated in a classroom or gymnasium

Mats, music and props included

Starting from $120/hour

Reduced rate for ongoing enrichment

Mindfulness for Children with Exceptionalities

*Our team is well-equipped to support your students with exceptionalities, neurodivergence, and other needs through our programming. The benefit of reduced distractions, and focus on breathwork can provide a calm learning environment for students to flourish.If you have a specialized class, and you are looking for mindfulness enrichment, let us know!

Starting from $120/hour

Reduced rate for ongoing enrichment

Full-Day Mindful Movement Workshops for the Whole School

Book our instructors for a full day of workshops for the entire school. We can set up in the gym, outdoors, or in a dedicated place in your school and provide fun and engaging workshops for each grade. We love large groups and can bring everything you need for a great class!

Maximum 60 students per group

Can be facilitated in a gymnasium or an outdoor Space

Mats, music and props included

Starting from $400/day (ask about Grant Funding!)

Reduced rate for ongoing enrichment

Lunch & Afterschool Programs (JK - Grade 12)

In our After School and Lunchtime program, students will develop tools for relaxation while moving their bodies, laughing, building friendships, and learning to connect with themselves and the world around them in a deep, meaningful way.

Our program is crafted to help build resiliency, strengthen self-regulation, and provide a sense of belonging and community for all students.

$144 for an 8-week session. We can accommodate any session length!

*can be customized to match your program duration

2 programs

2-hour workshops
Starts at $800
Mats, music and props included

Mindful Movement Workshops

These workshops focus on strategies for improving mental, physical and emotional well-being through mindfulness and breathing techniques, along with movement that is suitable for every level. Our workshops are a welcome break from everyday stressors, leaving your staff feeling refreshed and renewed.Invite us to your next PD Day!

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Half-day and Full-day options
Starts at $900

Introduction to Mindfulness

This workshop identifies “mindfulness” for your staff in a relatable way, offering tangible solutions for bringing mindfulness tools into the classroom. Suitable for Educators working with all grade levels.

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2 programs

Mindful Movement with the Balance Ball

Our Mindful Movement with the Balance Ball workshop provides a fun and interactive way for students to incorporate breathwork to improve balance, muscle tone and core strength. The connection between body and breath is no more evident than during times of exertion! Our workshops provide a fun way to illustrate and use the benefits of this connection while getting stronger!

Maximum 50 students per group

Can be facilitated in a gymnasium or Outdoor Space

Mats, music and props included

Starting from $600/hour (ask about Grant Funding!)

Reduced rate for ongoing enrichment

Calm Bodies, Calm Minds Program

Our "Calm Minds, Calm Bodies" program is a specialized and intimate offering designed to support individual classes experiencing dysregulation.

In this ongoing program, our dedicated team works closely with specific classes to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students who may be facing challenges with emotional regulation or heightened stress levels.

Through a combination of mindfulness techniques, movement exercises, and tailored interventions, we guide students towards a state of calmness and relaxation. Our experienced facilitators adapt the program to meet the unique needs of each class, fostering a sense of safety and trust.

We create a personalized and consistent experience for the participating class, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of their emotions, build self-awareness, and learn effective strategies for self-regulation. By addressing the specific needs of the class as a whole, we foster a sense of unity and shared growth.

The "Calm Minds, Calm Bodies" program offers ongoing support, building upon the foundation of mindfulness and movement. Through regular sessions, students and teachers develop a strong rapport with our facilitators, enabling a deeper exploration of emotional well-being and resilience.

Maximum 30 students per group

Facilitated in a classroom settings

Mats, music and resources included

Starting from $120/hour (ask about Grant Funding!)

Reduced rate for ongoing enrichment


How we run our programs

At Busy Minds - Mindful Movement, we prioritize the well-being of our students. We emphasize the development of physical strength, mental agility, emotional resilience, and self-awareness. We integrate mindfulness practices into our classes, helping students cultivate focus, self-regulation, and a deep connection with their bodies and minds.

We strive to create a positive and inclusive learning community, where students feel safe to express themselves, share their experiences, and celebrate their unique qualities. We promote values of kindness, empathy, and respect for self and others.Ultimately, our goal is to inspire a lifelong love for learning, movement, and mindfulness in our students, equipping them with essential skills to navigate the complexities of life and become confident, resilient individuals who positively contribute to the world around them.

Physical Strength
Mental agility
Emotional resilience
Deep connection
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